Appealing a Centrelink or Family Assistance Decision

The process

To appeal a Centrelink or Family Assistance decision there are a number of steps in the review and appeal process. The appeal stages are:

  • Original Decision (ODM)
  • Authorised Review Officer (ARO)
  • Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT)
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Review of a question of law by the Federal Court
  • By leave to the High Court

Making an Appeal

If you are seeking a review of a decision that affects the rate of payment (including rejection of a claim or cancellation of a claim) there is a 13 week time limit to request a review if you want to be paid arrears if successful.

Generally there are no time limits on appealing debts at the initial stages of the review process up to the SSAT.

There is a 28 day time limit to appeal decisions of the SSAT to the AAT and from the AAT decision to the Federal Court. It is important to seek legal advice before pursuing an appeal to the Federal Court or High Court, as if you are unsuccessful you may be liable to pay the other parties costs for the appeal.